We are a small business based near Sydney, Australia, with a passion for all things Quilty.  

We have been publishing the popular Online Quilt Magazine for years, as well as an exclusive range of quilt patterns we have designed during this time.

Pursuing a love of Indian textiles, we started with handstitched vintage recycled saree Kantha quilts, and soon discovered these wonderful handmade reversible patchwork jackets.

Many of our textile treasures are from around Jaipur in Rajasthan  – a region that is known as the Paris of India. Jaipur is famed for its fabrics and handmade goods, and the skill of local artisans is recognized worldwide.

We are happily still diving down the ‘rabbit hole’ of fabric treasures from this part of the world, and look forward to sharing the best of them with you, through My Urban Boho.